2 “lemons” on Wialon – that’s the challenge!

Wialon hits 2,000,000 units!

Gurtam community controls the biggest number of connected units in the world.
2 955 954
What do these figures embody?

Lafarge Holcim’s, the international construction corporation, vehicles

Controlling drivers’ work-rest schedule in Azerbaijan. Optimizing routes and enhancing driver behavior in Uganda.

Dubai International Airport shuttle buses

Adjusting logistics and coordinating passenger traffic in one the key airports in the UAE.

Cold storage trucks of the delivery service provider DHL

Controlling storage and transportation conditions of pharmaceuticals in Sri Lanka.

Cold storage trucks owned by the fruit supplier Del Monte

Managing technical conditions and analyzing machinery exploitation in the Middle East.

Papa John’s couriers

Integrating Wialon with Iiko restaurant automation system for order management and delivery tracking in Russia.

10 000 high-value shipments

Setting up tracking and transportation conditions management for valuable cargo in the USA.

Deutsche Bahn and Irish Rail locomotives

Optimizing transportation processes for the national railway network of Ireland and tracking Deutsche Bahn trains in Bulgaria.

Specialized machinery belonging to the energy giant Shell

Promoting Wialon as one of the three recommended satellite tracking platforms for Shell contractors globally.

And other 1,930,000 connected units in 130 countries.

Gurtam community scales new heights

AVL Logic, Mexico
‘We chose Wialon for its stable operation, easy-to-use interface, and constant updates’
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Gurtam community scales new heights

Avantern Telematics, Russia
‘Gurtam is focused on the development of its product which lets us move forward’
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Gurtam community scales new heights

Monitoring Net, Serbia
‘We chose Wialon right from the start. As we already had some serious customers on the way, we needed a versatile platform with a good perspective in the future’
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Gurtam community scales new heights

Security Group Africa, Uganda
‘We were looking for a better solution, and Wialon was an easy-to-use system with great set of functions and a significant number of connected units that could perfectly fit our goals’
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Gurtam community scales new heights

Integrated Solutions, Iraq
‘We are in Top 10 of Wialon TOP 50 Global rating. Our plan is to reach Top 5. I would like to thank the entire Gurtam team. Without you, your support and efforts, we would never rank so high’
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Gurtam community scales new heights

LaxsonGPS, Canada
‘Gurtam is noticing the progress, hard work and ethics of their partners and that is what we have shown and continue to do on a daily basis’
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Gurtam community scales new heights

KLOUDIP, Sri Lanka
‘In GPS tracking we were always looking for more than simple tracking, and have never been satisfied. Until Wialon’
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“Wialon adds new features and optimizations to platform as fast as adding units. That makes us unable to install as fast as we get orders. Therefore by the time we got to 2 million we have already started installing for the 3 million.”
Sanjeeva Cooray

KLOUDIP connects the 2,000,000th unit to Wialon

The company dominating the Sri Lankan telematics market

KLOUDIP went all the way from fleet managers to the leading telematics service providers in Sri Lanka. They came to Gurtam looking for software with open architecture flexible enough to create client-specific solutions based on it. Ranked 22nd in Wialon TOP 50 Global 2018, KLOUDIP almost doubles their growth every year.

The company develops apps based on Wialon to expand their complete solution in the areas of logistics, tourism, passenger transportation, and conquer the market of 100,000 vehicles in Sri Lanka. Considering the dynamics, KLOUDIP are expecting the tenfold growth from current volume within the next 2 years.

You haven’t connected this yet!

But we are not almighty you know. Gurtam analysts discovered some units that aren’t under Wialon control yet. Do your best to connect them!
2 “lemons”
on Wialon –
that’s the challenge!

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